Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers

What are Things to Know Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers?

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Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers
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This is a guest post by Rezan Ferdous.

To either provide relaxing ambiance music or to turn up the volume on a party, Bluetooth speakers make a useful commodity that is easily transportable to several locations.

Unfortunately, Bluetooth speakers are now a dime a dozen and deciding which the best is for your buck can be difficult. Taking into consideration how you plan to utilize the speaker, what features you want, the quality, and the durability help to make the choice easier. So, here are some things to know before buying Bluetooth speakers.

Not Every Speaker Is Equal

Although it would seem counter-intuitive, not every speaker is designed with the same purpose in mind. Speakers all have different amplification features and physical designs to work better in certain situations. If your intention is to use the speaker indoors for personal use, buying the speaker with the most base may actually turn out to be too much.

At the same time, that same speaker will be barely audible if it is used at a party or other gathering. Speakers that are designed to work outdoors have a different physique so that they can often be waterproof and guard against weather conditions. Knowing what you will use the speaker is the first thing to know before buying.

Are You Compatible?

Though all Bluetooth speakers have a Bluetooth feature, that does not always mean that they compatible with your particular smartphone. Know the type of phone you have and what version that phone supports before purchasing your speaker. For example, several of the most up-to-date speakers with more special features are version 4.0 and higher.

Depending on the phone, certain smartphones only support 2.1 or lower. Purchasing that fancy speaker may be exciting but when you get home, it may not work. There are several untraditional ways to pair the two if they don’t share the same level, but the features on either the speaker or phone capabilities will be compromised.

Quality Control

The quality of the Bluetooth speaker you are looking to buy will impact its durability and whether or not those cool features will function properly. The material that the speaker is constructed with is an important consideration and will often play into costs.

In general, speakers that are made of metal will be more durable than those made of plastic. They will also transmit sound better. The speaker that you purchase should have a heavier base and be fairly sturdy, especially if you want one that has a lot of amplification and base. If the unit is light, it will most likely shake and move around on surfaces if not properly stabilized.

Bells and Whistles

All Bluetooth speakers come with their own set of bells and whistles but you may pay for more than what you need if you aren’t aware. Speakers that are built for outdoor use have different amplification properties that can be as high as 45 watts. They also focus on amplifying medium sound frequencies because that is what the human ear hears the best.

Those which are built exclusively for indoor use will often amplify base sounds, especially if they are multi-room functioning. Bluetooth speakers which are created more for use at parties and loud sounds amplify both high and low frequencies.

Other bells and whistles include how portable the device is and its ability to be placed in a variety of positions without altering the sound or amplification. Those built for outdoors come with weather and water features with which some can be submerged under nearly a meter of water for close to 30 minutes. There are several devices that have alarm clock functions or extended battery life. One popular feature is if the Bluetooth speaker can be hooked up to larger external speakers.

Show Me the Money

Just as not all speakers are created equal neither are the price tags. One important thing to know before buying a Bluetooth speaker is if you are getting what you are paying for or if you are going to pay too much for too little.

Cheap prices can also mean poor initial amplification or gradual loss of sound quality while a high price tag could just be for the brand name itself or special features that you may not use. Having a good idea of what you specifically want in your Bluetooth speaker will help you make an educated decision on what you are willing to pay.


As Bluetooth speakers are all individual and have their own special features, design, and function, knowing what you will use it for and how much you are willing to pay are important before you decide to purchase.

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