Microsoft Surface Pro

5 Reasons the Surface Pro is the Best Laptop for Drawing

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Ranked as one of the top preferences of digital artists, the Surface Pro is versatile and surprising when it comes to drawing.

The Surface Pro can be used as both a laptop and tablet and can be paired with a pencil made to deliver exceptional results and drawing experiences.

Why Buy a Surface Pro for Drawing

These are the main reasons why artists love their Surface Pro for drawing.

  • Even if the device can be successfully used for drawing, it can be used for a multitude of tasks and activities
  • It is compatible with a Surface Pen, which features a surface sensitivity of 4,096 levels
  • Highly compact and light-weighed, it’s convenient to carry it around and use it as you please
  • The PixelSense display of the device is amazing when it comes to reproducing true-life colors
  • The battery is highly reliable, having the capacity to offer up to 13.5 hours of unspoiled work

And one of the main reasons why artists dislike their Surface Pro.

  • The drawing pencil for this device has to be purchased separately


The latest Surface Pro model available:

Drawing with the help of a device is not always easy, as the device and its pen must be highly responsive and offer image quality and true colors at all times.

The Surface Pro is ideal for drawing and can also be a trustworthy assistant throughout the day, regardless of the tasks it needs to complete.

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