Starting Your Travel Blog Is Easy

Starting Your Travel Blogs
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Travel blogging seems like a wonderful idea at first but the thing about it is that it can be pretty overwhelming once you start the process.

Having a travel blog is not only about coming up with a few posts and managing your Facebook or Instagram account.

It takes a good business sense and lots of good strategies combined with the skill to tell and present stories the right way to the rest of the world.

To make the process simpler for you, here are a few tips on how to start a travel blog:

Have a real goal

Many people become travel bloggers just because they like the idea of getting free holidays. But, this is not really the proper reason. While there are people who manage to say goodbye to their regular jobs and explore the world thanks to brands and tourism boards, not everyone is presented with this opportunity.

It would be much better if you want to start your own travel blog to use your travels to inspire others and hopefully present something new that the blogosphere is probably missing.

Choose your niche

You need to know your specific niche if you wish your blog to become successful. With travel blogs filling the internet, standing out from the rest should be your top priority.

It is no longer enough to just discuss your travels. You need to showcase what sets your travels apart from others.

Find your audience

When choosing your niche, you also need to determine your target audience or readers. You might already have an existing audience somewhere else, like your Instagram account. Maybe you want your blogs to keep your friends updated with your trips.

However, if you will start a travel blog from the ground up that will be available for the public, you have to identify your audience. Think of their age, gender, location, and travel preferences.

Decide on the platform

When it comes to how to start a travel blog, there are several platforms for launching your blog. However, all of these platforms have their own set of pros and cons and it is your responsibility to research them first before you settle for one.

Think of your blog’s name

The name you choose for your blog should be something that sticks. It is a must that your chosen name is broad enough so it can keep up even if your blog evolves over time. The last thing you want is to name it “Asian Adventures” only to decide that you would want to focus on something else instead.

This is also the time for you to research if someone else is using the same name to avoid confusion. You also have to consider Google to ensure that you have an SEO-friendly blog name.

Have a posting schedule

How much time every week can you spend on travel blogging? To make people aware of your blog’s existence and to have a growing audience, you need to spend time writing posts on a regular basis, updating your social media accounts working behind the scenes for SEO optimization, forming relationships with fellow bloggers, and more.


At the end of the day, when it comes to how to start a travel blog, it is never enough to just create one and update it whenever you go on a trip.

For your blog to be successful, time and effort are a must.