Best Smartwatch for Kids

Best Smartwatch for Kids
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This is about the best smartwatch for kids. We have created a simple list of the best kids’ smartwatches available for parents that aren’t ready to buy their kid an Apple Watch…

Good smartwatches aren’t for adults only; in fact, there are now dozens of smartwatches made just for kids on the market.

Some of these new kids only smartwatches have games and learning modules while a few of them only have different clock colors.

Best Kids’ Smartwatch

Eventually, your kid will want a better smartwatch from Apple, Samsung, or Google but for now, you can invest in one of these cool wearables for kids on the go.

These are the top smartwatches for kids under 10 years old.

VTech Kids’ Smartwatch

Going by the positive Amazon reviews, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is one of the best in its class.

It has excellent features such as games and other activities that your children will love. For instance, the in-built voice changer will captivate your child. Expect your young ones to snap loads of pictures and record videos around your home with the onboard camera.

This smartwatch has many other useful features such as stopwatch, alarm, timer, calculator, calendar, and pedometer. Your young ones will find this little gadget fascinating and easy to use. This durable watch comes in blue and purple colors and gives you the option of selecting the watch face design that you like.

Fitbit Versa Kids’ Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa is an excellent choice for your older child that already owns a smartphone.

This kids’ smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and Android, and the battery can last up to four days! It’s waterproof, so your child can comfortably wear it in the rain or while swimming. Teenagers love the small-sized design, which allows the smartwatch to fit on smaller wrists.

The features of this smartwatch make it a perfect accessory for an iPhone or Android. It syncs and displays phone calls, SMS, app messages, and notifications in real-time. It also comes bundled with several apps for performing useful functions such as timers, setting alarms, and checking the weather. As a Fitbit product, you can expect it to track the fitness activities of your child.  It has inbuilt functions for monitoring heart rate and counting steps. Your child can even switch to swimming or biking mode during such activities.

You can choose from a wide range of watchbands made from different colors and materials. These smartwatches are shipped with two bands of different sizes so your child can be sure of getting a perfect fit.

Kurio Kids’ Smartwatch

Are you looking for a smartwatch that compliments your child’s Android smartphone? The Kurio kids smartwatch is a perfect choice for you. It can send/receive messages and make/receive calls when paired with s smartphone through Bluetooth. Even if your child does not own a smartphone, this watch still has loads of apps and games that will fascinate your child. It has a touchscreen display, an in-built camera, and a MicroSD memory slot.

An overview of the features of this smartwatch includes contacts list, alarm clock, music player, photo editor, activity tracker, calendar, calculator, among many others. It even has an “In Case of Emergency” app that stores vital information about the child’s medical information and emergency contacts. This feature gives parents peace of mind.

PROGRACE Kids’ Smartwatch

For most parents, it is important to set a screen-time limit for their young ones. However, parents have various tasks to handle, such as laundry, cooking, running errands and other indoor tasks. Sometimes, screen-time can be a valuable means of getting your child engaged so you can handle important chores.

This is a great smartwatch for kids as it has loads of features that catch children’s attention and keeps them engaged. The touchscreen, FM radio and rotating camera are just a few out of the many fascinating functions of this phone.

Your little ones will be thrilled with the collection of interactive games in the PROGRACE smartwatch. The screen that has a brilliant color is perfect for playing the funny games preinstalled in the smartwatch. Rather than immersing your child in YouTube, this smartwatch keeps your kids engaged while handling important chores in your home or at the grocery store.

Which Kids’ Smartwatch Should You Get?

Hopefully, you aren’t overwhelmed with these smartwatches for kids. For the younger kids around age 3 to 6, the VTech Kidizoom is quite popular based on the online reviews. And for the older kids 11 and up, the Fitbit Versa seems to be the choice with parents. Anyway, before investing in the Apple Watch or Samsung Watches, you should check out one of the wearables listed above.

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We hope you’ve found this best smartwatch for kids article useful. We will make small updates as better devices come out but as of now, there aren’t too many really good wearables for kids besides the handful listed.