Samsung Company is the Best Electronics Company

The Samsung Company A Great Korean Company
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This guest post is by Zoe Cohen.

Everyone knows about the intense rivalry raging between Apple and Samsung. For years, these two tech giants have battled to be the world’s favorite mobile phone producer.

However, focusing just on this rivalry would be to disregard a huge proportion of Samsung’s business and contributions to the world. The Samsung company is so much more than just “rival of Apple,” and this article will explain a few of its many strengths as part of the tech landscape.


Though known primarily as a producer of mobile phones (of which it has several lines, i.e., Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, etc.), Samsung has had its fingers in just about every technology pie there is. Walk into a Best Buy, and you’ll see Samsung televisions, Samsung virtual reality headsets, and Samsung smart refrigerators, to name a few. And this is only a start. The Samsung company has also produced its own washing machines and dryers, baby monitors, microwaves, dishwashers, Blu-ray players, vacuum cleaners, and even electric outlets (I kid you not). This list isn’t even close to exhaustive, and that’s without even touching on common consumer electronics (like phones, tablets, printers, laptops, etc.). There is no other word for it but prolific. The skeptical amongst you might say, “So what? Samsung produces a lot of stuff.” But that’s missing an important point. Innovation often comes from unexpected places. Sometimes in producing your dishwasher, you’ll discover a bit of technology or a production technique that will revolutionize your mobile phones or televisions. So the fact that Samsung produces such a variety of items means that employees can borrow from work done on other products to make their own products better.


This leads me to the next strength, innovation. The Samsung company is one of the tech industry’s biggest spenders on Research & Development. The more money you pour into research, the more innovation that occurs. A clear example of this is the high volume of patents Samsung has in comparison with its fellow tech companies. An especially striking example of this is the fact that Samsung is one of the largest-scale producers of the OLED display, which Apple has integrated into the iPhone 8. This has led Apple to begrudgingly turn to its archrival, Samsung, in order to reach their production goals on the iPhone 8. This must be a truly bitter pill to swallow and just goes to show how important innovation is for companies.


One hugely important step the Samsung company has taken is its commitment to eco-friendly design. Not only has Samsung striven to produce increasingly energy-efficient products (saving consumers money and helping the environment), but it has also made a commitment to lower its greenhouse gas emissions. It has been a leader in eco-friendly technology since at least 2009, allowing consumers to not only love their products, but also feel good about buying them.


Although best known for its competitor with the Apple iPhone, the Galaxy S series, Samsung actually has a wide range of mobile products to choose from. This is important because unlike with the iPhone, there is a phone for any person, no matter their income. This makes Samsung an egalitarian company, leveling the playing field and allowing widespread access to these integral consumer electronics. No wonder the company has such a dedicated following.

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