Unique Blog Ideas for Content Marketing Strategies

Best Blog Post Ideas
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Having a hard time coming up with a blog post idea for your new blog?

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of unique blog ideas that can jump-start your blog creation process.

50+ Unique Blog Ideas

This is something we wanted to know so after doing some research, we decided to combine all our notes and create a list of the popular types of blog posts to help new bloggers.

Think of this as a big blog post-type cheat sheet for new bloggers.

How-To Articles

How-to guides are the easiest type of lifestyle blog post ideas to plan out. All you have to do is write about something you are already familiar with such as a service, recipe, or product. Our most popular how-to article shows beginners how to start a blog.


Review posts are popular these days because most people love to read other people’s opinions before spending money on a product or service.


These go well with reviews, as you can combine multiple reviewed products/services and give fair thoughts and opinions. The information can be presented as a regular post, comparison tables, or as a beautiful infographic. Our most popular comparison article is about the best web hosting companies for bloggers.


You can take a few minutes and discuss a topic with other professionals in your niche. These types of blog posts will allow you to record thousands of words worth of content in a few minutes. All you have to do is pick it apart and create one or several blog posts based on the content.


List articles are so popular these days, thanks to sites like Buzzfeed. All you need to do here is think about what you want to write about and list it out. We usually do a compilation of products that we like such as the article with cool gadgets for men.


Roundups are simple and easy to write out. Weekly or monthly roundups are great for sharing your updates with your audience.

Best of Posts

After you have some content, you can create a best of post that talks about your best posts based on traffic, comments, etc.

Personal Stories

Now you can type with more personality. Writing relatable stories can be a great way to connect with your audience.

Case Studies

Some people love to look at the data. A few of the big bloggers that we follow love these types of blog posts, such as Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. A great way to get social proof is by creating case stories based on success stories.

Emotional Stories

Express your emotions with more storytelling and write about something that is important to you.

Top Rated Posts

If you have a method to rate your posts then you may want to do a follow up by writing about those blog posts. You can write about one top rated post or do a small compilation of your best posts.

Beginner’s Guides

Create a detailed blog post or a series of blog posts guiding beginners on a certain topic. Hold their hand along the way by keeping it very user-friendly. Our most popular beginner’s guide is for using Google Ads Paid Search.


This is an opportunity to do a blog post with a list of things that you or your audience should try to accomplish.

Progression Updates

If your working on something such as an eBook or downloadable content, then this is an opportunity to provide your audience with updates.

Income Reports

Provide detailed posts about how much you make each week, month, or quarter. Being transparent will allow your audience to see your progress.

Behind The Scenes

Here you can write about the mistakes and frustrations of your projects. Give your audience a sneak peek of how you get things done.

Sarcastic Posts

Write your blog posts in a sarcastic tone to make the post stand out from your regular blog posts.

Educational Posts

Express your knowledge with some storytelling and simply your writing so that your audience can follow along.

Cheat Sheets

These types of blog posts are great as reference pages for people. If you are knowledgeable on a topic then you can write about it as simple as possible for people to bookmark.


Think company ABC is going to release a big product. Or do you think something is bad is going to happen to company XYZ? Write about it before it happens and give your audience something to talk about.


If you’ve been writing useful articles, blog series, or anything that may be hard to find in the future, then you should put everything together. Resource posts are great ways to organize all of your important information. Our ultimate resource list for content creators has over 100 free & premium tools to use.


Of course, these types of blog posts are popular. Write out your frequently asked questions and provide an answer.


These posts are simply posts that rely heavily on infographics. These make excellent shareable images for social media, just remember to have enough content to get it indexed.


Post a few questions and answers.


Share your testimonials with your audience.

Meme/GIF Stories

A post filled with memes and gif content. These types of blog posts are increasing in popularity but probably only work if you have decent traffic. These posts are big on sites such as Buzzfeed and Blavity.

Short Story

Write your content in the style of a short story to connect with your readers in a different way.


Take time to answer some of the common myths.

Guest Posts

Allow other bloggers to write content for your blog.


Write about what is popular at the moment in the news or social media.


Write about celebrities or entertainment news related to your niche.


Run a contest or a giveaway to get a few more eyes to your blog.


A survey is a great way to get detailed information from your audience. While a poll is a great way to get some simple information from your audience.


Similar to emotional writing but with more passion, simply rant on your blog unfiltered about a topic.

Industry Experts

Interview and get information from industry experts before translating it into a blog post. Or you can create a template of questions try to get a few experts to fill out the form.

Controversial Stories

If you have the facts, then you’ll be able to post about some really problematic posts.


Posting about deals, specials, or online coupons related to a product or service that you love.

Video Stories

A blog post with relevant video content with few words. These blog posts are best if you have decent traffic.


A blog post that is wrapped in a quiz.


Similar to those income reports, try to write about something that is working for you and failing.


Simply write about what you think about a particular product or subject.

Advanced Guide

Now, you can create an advanced blog post or a series of blog posts providing content for your advanced users on a certain topic. With this blog post, you shouldn’t need to use the time to hold their hand and simplify things. You’ll probably want to add a warning for people looking for simple content.

Top Tips

This can be a compilation of all of your great advice from several of your previous blog posts. Instead of doing a regular FAQ post, you can create a top tip post for any subject.

Transcribe Posts

This is simple as you’ll just turn audio into a blog post. Some people like to record themselves all day. Try brainstorming out loud about what to write, while recording, and then type it out as you listen to it.

True or False

A blog post that confirms or denies things based on provable facts.

Open Letters

If you are receiving actual letters or emails from your audience, write the question from your audience and your feedback.


Check other blog posts and ask to use their content. Then you can create a blog post based on information from these bloggers. Maybe a list of other bloggers that wanted to write about cryptocurrency. Remember to properly credit your sources.

Redo Old Posts

Do you know that one popular post from years ago? Maybe you provided great social media information. Take time to revise that post for your audience.


Do a post of recommendations that you have received from your audience or recommend something to your audience.

Local News

Simply write a blog post about the exciting activities happening in your area.

Photo Gallery Posts

Keep it simple with this blog post by adding a photo gallery with a short description of the gallery.


With screencasts, you can do recordings to teach your audience or you can create an instructional video to support your blog post.


Hopefully, this blog post list helps you get started as a content creator or blogger. Now you can use this list to create your own list and help out a blogger in the future. That’s usually how the cycle goes. Anyway, if you think any of these ideas are great or bad, leave a comment and we can talk about some of the suggestions.

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