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Learn New Pinterest Marketing Strategies
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Are you ignoring Pinterest?

The site gets more than 600 million visual searches a month and has over 200 million users.

We are here to help you learn some of the useful Pinterest marketing strategies.

Why? Well, like we always say, the chances of your niche overlapping with ours are extremely low. So we can help others out since Pinterest is a bit different.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Businesses are starting to realize the important role that Pinterest marketing can play in obtaining high-quality traffic and greater exposure to their products quickly.

There was a bit of skepticism if Pinterest could generate enough buzz online or fall into the category of social networking sites puffing up and fizzing down.

Now it’s safe to conclude that Pinterest now plays an influential role for many businesses. Having said that, Pinterest marketing should not be an alternative promotional strategy but mandatory!

Consistent Pinterest Traffic

Start by finding out what you intend to promote. It is important to understand the difference between Pinterest and other social networking sites to create this idea.

Twitter has a restriction on the content that you can publish. Although there are text extenders and links that can be instilled in a tweet, the basic concept of making short publications work well as the platform is for updates. You can tweet about an update for a product or related news.

With Pinterest, the marketing strategy can be highly diverse. It can be product-centered, customer-centric, innovation-focused, and various other types. What Pinterest offers is not a feature that can be enjoyed on Facebook. For example, the idea of following the people you want to notify about your business and content. You can create a Facebook page and it would be available for people to like, comment, or provide other feedback, but it can not go any further than that to get more targeted traffic.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

A consistent Pinterest marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to present your content to high-quality traffic.

That way, you’ll get targeted traffic, not to mention that the traffic is also high-quality traffic that generates sales. A fashion clothing brand would definitely get more benefits if the followers of their pins and boards are concerned about fashion and not random clicks from anyone.

The following are some of the ways your business can use Pinterest to get more traffic and reach a wider audience.

Business Account

Users should quickly add relevant information to the “About Me” section of their profile.

As a company, you can use this to give people more information about your business, as well as a link to your website. Include a description that includes your keywords.

The keywords in your profile help you get noticed by search engines. When you add the link to your website, users can find you online.

Relevant Keywords

Pinterest allows you to write a description of 500 characters or less.

As a content creator, it is your duty to utilize the limit sensibly. You don’t want users drifting away from the products (admit it, most of us hate reading endless texts!), and neither would you want them to get confused because there is too little description.

Maintaining a balance is essential, ideally between 200-250 words. Including relevant keywords and hashtags is important when writing a description. Keywords allow users to search for the item and have easier access to it. Once you know more about the keywords related to your business, you can focus on long-tail keywords.

Keyword Phrases

Pinterest users are searching for specific pins these days. When you create your bulletin boards, use more keyword phrases or long-tail keywords, that are searched often. This will help users find your content.

Pinterest’s autosuggestion will usually provide you with great keyword phrases.


It is still okay to use hashtags on Pinterest. Adding a single hashtag in the description is a good practice. 

This is one of the ways in which the Pinterest search engine recognizes what a particular pin is about. Combine the hashtag with important keywords and phrases relevant to your business and the traffic that Pinterest sends to your site is responsive and laser-driven.

Boards With Keywords

Know your keywords or keyphrases for your business. Then you can make a few boards with relevant pins.

For example, if you are selling jewelry online, you can create a different table for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. This makes your inventory easy to navigate and share.

If you are a photographer, you can create different boards for each category of your portfolio, such as weddings, family, portraits of seniors, and landscapes.

You can see how we created separate boards for each category on our Pinterest account.

Different Images

If you want more users to notice your pins, you need to use visually attractive images.

The products should be photographed closely to give more details. The more attractive the image, the more people will share your pins. You also want to add the “Pin It” button to your website next to the image of each item so that visitors to your website can easily place the item on their bulletin boards.

Many content creators are using Photoshop (or Canva if you want to use beautiful templates) to create images for their pins.

Pin Frequently

The frequency of posting is an important marketing strategy in social networks. So, can we devise a perfect frequency? Unfortunately not! The perfect amount of frequency is what works best for you.

However, to make it more effective, there are some things you should keep in mind. Long periods of absence can cause followers to lose interest and potential followers to stay away from their brand.

This does not mean you flood the board with your posting. Mass posting can be very annoying for consumers. Keep pinning consistently!

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Respect Pinterest

After putting together your own visually stunning and keyword-rich message boards for your products, take the time to create bulletin boards for other users’ pins as well.

Pinterest’s social network is based on the idea of sharing, so it’s important that you do not just do self-service activities. Pin articles from some of your favorite blogs and online stores. Don’t pin useless crap.

The more quality content you pin, the more your reach will be extended. Treat Pinterest as the community it is and you will see excellent results from your efforts.


Pinterest marketing should never be compared to Twitter and Facebook.

They are not the same. Pinterest requires a more specific approach. Don’t just create a page for your business. Instead, focus on a specific topic. This is how you can get high-quality traffic quickly and easily! 

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