Why Do Most Blogs Shut Down?

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Blogging is hard and most blogs shut down too soon.

If you think you can make money within a year of blogging, you should quit now and find another side hustle if you want to make money.

Many new bloggers don’t realize how difficult it is to create a successful blogging business. With the lack of revenue, bloggers usually give up and shut down their blog even if they have created great content.

Here are a few reasons why these blogs shut down and never make money.

No Business Model

What is a business model? In simple terms, a business model is a strategy created to guide the successful operation of a business.

A blogger without a business model is usually bad news for the blog Most bloggers that failed made the mistake of adopting the simple goal of “making money” as their business model.

Instead of focusing on making money, think about what to do with your profits in order to grow your blog. Successful bloggers are always creating systems to maintain their growth. An ideal business model for a blogging business involves the identification of a target audience and the possible revenue sources.

The first step is figuring out the best way of serving the audience. Now, think about your favorite bloggers. Your favorite bloggers probably won you over by creating products such as audio clips, infographics, or videos. Create some high-quality content that people want, see what is working for your audience by reviewing traffic analytics and asking for feedback.

The next step is to identify the main sources of your income. You want to capitalize on what’s working and create more of it since your audience likes it. Take those profits and reinvest in your blogging business by either getting a freelance writer or editor. Maintain that growth and slowly increase your influence in the industry.

Finally, create promotional strategies that will give your business the much-needed exposure. You’ll want to make sure you know your SEO and paid search such as Google or Facebook to continue growing.

Not Offering Value

Value? Offering value here means giving your audience something they actually want. Are you solving their problems or just wasting their time telling a story with no answer?

Please don’t waste your audience’s time by forcing them to read long articles without a solution. Your audience will never become ambassadors for your blog if you do this.

You need to create valuable content on your blog. Your readers will only take an interest in you or your products if they are valuable and if you are consistently creating content for them to read and share. Keep doing this and your audience will support you. Your audience will help you reach your money making goals if you are truly offering value.

Vague Blog Post Titles

Vague blog post headlines? You’ll never get those clicks to your blog if your blog post titles are not good.

This is one of the mind games that we hate. Depending on your niche, you may have to create blog post titles that aren’t too exciting.

You need to do content research and the proper keyword research to figure out what people are reading, how are people searching for their content. If you know your niche, do a few searches on your competition and see what they are doing for their blog post titles.

After you’ve done that, then you can try creating better blog post titles (we know this is subjective) such as “What are the Best Side Hustles for Women?” or “What to Blog About to Stay Relevant?” If your goal is to have a successful blogging business then you’ll have to play the game and provide answers to those questions that people actually want to be answered.

If you want to write about random things that people aren’t searching for, then you can always create another section for those thoughts. 

Not Waiting Long Enough

Some bloggers did everything right but did not wait long enough for Google to find and rank their content…

And another simple reason blogs shut down! Lack of patience. Search engines can take months to index your content. You can do everything right and create amazing content but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get indexed by Google.

This is why those successful bloggers always talk about waiting it out.


You can increase your chances of success if you understand the reasons why most blogs shut down and avoid those bad habits. You should definitely work on your business model, think about providing more value, and prioritize providing great solutions for your audience.

Your audience will eventually become your ambassadors. Those ambassadors will work hard for you so you never fail.

Why So Many Blogs Shut Down?

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