Reasons Why a Laptop Fan Keeps Running

Reasons Why a Laptop Fan Keeps Running?
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There are a few reasons why your laptop fan keeps running. The laptop fan will usually speed up and down as a way to keep the hardware cool. That’s normal!

Now, if the laptop fan is constantly running fast, even if you’re not doing anything or if it’s in sleep mode, then you may want to check some settings as something may be overworking your laptop fan.

Laptop Fan Keeps Running

These high temperatures can cause your fans to run faster to compensate.

However, you may also be experiencing a stalled process using your CPU or some residual charges on your hardware.

Disable the overclocking

While overclocking your laptop can offer extra power, it also means your laptop will produce more heat. This can be bad for your laptop as it could be damaged due to the extra heat.

If overclocking your laptop causes it to overheat, undo the process by resetting your hardware parameters back to the default. For instance, if you overclocked your CPU, you can usually reset it by going into your BIOS and restoring the BIOS to the factory default.

Check the residual circuit board charge

If your fans are running even after you have shut down your laptop, the problem may be caused by a residual charge left on your motherboard.

To fix this you will need to do a cold boot. First, unplug the power cable and remove the battery. Next press and grip the power key for thirty seconds, and then plug everything back up and start your laptop. This should force your fan to go back to normal.

Check the fan settings

Laptop fans are usually managed by setting accessible in your BIOS. The view options for your BIOS depends on your laptop model, so you may have to search for this information. You will not be able to manage all the fans, but you can try lowering your minimum fan speeds if your fans are running too fast.

Clean the fans

Dust buildup is nothing new when it comes to overheating laptops. Unfortunately, laptops are barely maintained if at all. So, if a lot of dust is being gathered then it’s possible that the fan blades are blocked.

First, check your laptop model to see if compressed air is okay. If so, then see if you can remove the back panel, then grab some compressed air, and aim it into the fans. This should make sure that the dust is blown out of the laptop.

Check for heavy processor use

The more processing power your computer use, the more heat it produces. If you are performing processor-intensive activities on your laptop, like 4K video editing or streaming video games (with maximum graphics setting), then your laptop fan may be running extremely fast to cool down your laptop.

If you do not have many programs open but your fans are still running, open your task manager/activity monitor to view what processes are presently running, something may have stalled but is taking up too much of your CPU. Try ending that process or application and see if it brings everything back to normal.


An overactive laptop fan is annoying. Hopefully, one of the fixes above is able to stop your fan from spinning out of control.

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