Laptop Battery Not Charging

Laptop Battery Not Charging
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When you plug your laptop into a power source, you’ll usually hear a notification ding or see a little LED light that assures you that all is well in the battery department.

Anyway, if you have noticed that connection your laptop power cord is giving you any indications then something may be wrong with your battery.

When dealing with a laptop that has suddenly stopped charging, be prepared for some headaches when trying to figure out what is the real issue.

We will try to help you understand why your laptop battery is not charging and give you some helpful tips to fix it.

Check the laptop power cord

Taking your laptop from place to place means you’re constantly taking your laptop charging cord with you.

Between wrapping it up for simple packability and setting it down in strange ways to reach an electrical outlet, your laptop cord can be bent out of shape and damaged easily.

Vital parts work together to successfully power your laptop. Many laptop chargers have a two-in-one power adapter, one-piece that links to the wall, and another piece that links to your computer.

If both are securely linked and your personal computer charging light does not illuminate, you may be dealing with a destroyed cord or a faulty cord. Luckily, this is the cheapest fix to your laptop battery not charging question.

Check for outdated software

Windows and macOS programmers have recently pushed out some questionable updates. When an update causes battery drains, they are usually fixed immediately.

One great thing about the latest Windows and macOS laptops is the self-diagnosing apps. These devices are very capable of diagnosing themselves when internal issues arise. These laptops can initiate vital updates to make sure all of your programs are up to date.

Software malfunctions appear when your computer’s drivers are out of date. Outdated drivers, such as the battery driver, can force your laptop to do weird things such as reject your laptop power adapter. Usually updating or reinstalling the battery driver is a fast and simple fix for this type of issue.

Check the laptop charging port

Plugging the adapter into the laptop power connectors should be a quick and straightforward experience. If you have any problems, such as dust built-up or a wobbly fit, your laptop battery not charging properly is likely due to the fact that the laptop is not able to make a safe link to the power cord and charging port. Sometimes this is an easy fix.

If your laptop charging port is dirty, has some debris or dust, try cleaning it out with some compressed air. If your laptop charging port is wobbly, then your issue may be quite serious. A wobbly charging port can be an indicator that your power jack has been destroyed from the inside of the chassis.

Don’t try to fix this issue, you’ll need to take it to a professional.

Let your PC cool down

Batteries produce heat while working hard to power your laptop, but when it works too hard, overheating can cause a serious slew of issues.

When the battery temperatures reach a certain temperature, it may lead to sensor misfires and the operating system on the laptop may prevent battery charging to prevent any further damage.

If you’ve noticed some overheating then you’ll want to take it to a professional immediately.

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