Is Your Writing Process Working?

Learn Why You May Need to Change Your Writing Process
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The writers at Blackandise knows all about the writing process.

As a content creator, you create great content only to get a few conversions a month.

It sucks, it sucks a lot…

And it’s probably time for you to try something different.

If you’re not seeing any positive results after creating content consistently for at least 24 months, then you definitely should change your writing process.

Change Your Writing Process

If your writing process isn’t working, you want to change it. As a content creator with a website, your goal is to get conversions. Remember that conversions are when visitors take certain actions on your website. If your website visitors aren’t taking those actions, then something is definitely wrong. For many of us, a conversion may consist of any of the following:

  • Buying your service or product
  • Joining your mailing list
  • Engaging with your content by sharing your content
  • Leaving a comment on your content
  • Following your social media accounts
  • Reading multiple pages on your website

If you don’t get a conversion, it doesn’t mean your content is bad. When you don’t get a conversion, it could mean that the visitor simply wasn’t interested in your content. And sometimes, visitors will love your content and not take action. This all can be fixed by tweaking your writing process.

The conversion rate for top marketers is around 3-5%. For every 100 visitors, 3-5 visitors will convert and take action that you want.

⭐️ Here are 4 reasons why your website content isn’t converting.

Your Content Doesn’t State A Clear Problem

You see how this current article is obviously stating a problem, your posts may be missing the mark and not clearly stating the problem for your audience. The problem in the title is there to lure people into clicking.

As soon as you spend a few seconds reading our article, you know that it is leading to a solution for the stated problem. There are several keyword research tools to help you find great keywords to use in your articles.

When you write an article, write for people searching on the internet, not for the search engines. Your writing process should always make sense and have a natural flow.

Always remember to state and solve “problems” when you write. A problem doesn’t have to be a big deal or anything major. A problem is a problem, no matter how big or how small that problem is to you. If you know the solution and it can help someone, then write it up and solve that problem. You’ll make someone happy and it may eventually lead to a conversion.

Besides shoppers, most people searching on the internet is searching for a solution to a problem.

Examples of Content Posts With Clear Problems

The problems below are clear and specific to the audience. Visitors aren’t being confused or misled in any way. These posts quickly engage with the visitors of the website.

  • 10 Higher Paying Affiliates Programs – This article addresses the problem of finding affiliate programs with higher payouts.
  • 30 Websites With Free Stock Images – This article is addressing the problem of finding free stock images.

Finding Real Problems

Content creators need to write about real problems. You can’t create a problem that doesn’t exist. No one will be searching for that problem.

You need to find a real problem and provide a real solution.

How to Find Real Problems

The best way to find real problems to write about is to go to places that have real people. There are many websites that have people talking about their problems such as:

  • Quora – Use Quora to see what kind of questions are being asked.
  • Reddit – Use Reddit and join subreddits that you are interested in and find out what people are discussing.
  • Facebook Groups – Join different groups in your niche and monitor the feed. Engage with others to see if others like the way you explain your answers.
  • Twitter – Use TweetDeck to follow trending topics or competitors.
  • Website Comments – Use your comments as a way to learn from your visitors. Also, check out the comments on your competitor’s website, you’ll learn if people in your niche agree or disagree with certain topics.

Your Content Doesn’t Solve A Problem

Maybe you did clearly state a real problem.

Now… did you actually solve the problem?

Probably not if you aren’t getting any conversions.

You don’t need to write better, you just need to write so your visitors understand that you are going to solve their problem instead of waste their time. If the solution is simple, focus on quickly solving the problem. If the solution is complex and requires a lot of text, make it clear that you are leading towards a solution and thoroughly solve the problem.

Be The Problem-Solving Content Creator

Most of the problems people have aren’t too difficult. For you to stand out, find creative but realistic ways to solve the problems. If you have alternatives, you can suggest those as well after you clearly state the best solution.

As you solve more problems for your audience, you’ll become the go-to person for solving problems. Eventually, you’ll gain a following and people will support your content and share your content.

Your Content Doesn’t Connect With Your Audience

You’re writing content that doesn’t connect with the people visiting your website. When getting started this can be an issue but after writing a few articles, you should know more about your audience.

Hint: Use Google Analytics to get more information about your audience. You’ll get their age range, computers used, location, and more information about your audience.

I’ve used information from Google Analytics to get a better understanding of my audience.

I’ve learned to write more in an informal tone. Writing this way is easier and feels more natural.

Get to Know Your Audience

Once you know your audience, you’ll know how to write for your audience. If you don’t know your audience, you’re going to be wasting time creating content. Your bounce rate will increase and search engines will not rank your content.

Get in the habit of talking to your audience in a friendly tone. Always write for your audience and never for Google, Bing, or any search engine. Your audience wants to read things that are related to their interests. Make sure you connect with them as efficiently as possible, ensuring that you are educated on the subject.

Your Content Has Many Mistakes

We aren’t talking about the occasional typo here and there. Even though, failing to take the time to edit and proofread will annoy some readers.

We are talking about the failure of writing clear content.

The internet has so much content. Content that is sloppy, filled with typos, and bad information. This type of content will never get quality traffic.

Proofreading and editing your content is an important step. Correct your mistakes before publishing new content. For you to maintain a professional image, you have to take things slow to catch those mistakes. A tool like Grammarly will help you maintain that professional image.

Always Proofread

You must get in the habit of proofreading your content.

We have too many free tools available for content creators to use to check their spelling and grammar.

Please take a minute to do a spell check on your content. Then go back and review your content before publishing.

You want to make this process a habit, you want your website to look professional (if that’s your goal of course).


We make mistakes every now and then. When we find a mistake, we quickly fix it and move on because that’s one of the important content marketing strategies that successful writers follow… perfection is overrated. So don’t overthink this stuff and just take your time instead of rushing this process. You can always go back to fix those mistakes.

If you start tweaking the content that you know should be converting, you’ll have a high chance of seeing success. Once you’ve figured out how this conversion stuff works, it’ll be easy to scale it.

Keep at it and good luck!

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