Best Tips to Get Blog Followers & More Website Traffic

Best Tips to Get Blog Followers
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The best thing to do is to get blog followers organically. You can easily do this by using slow and steady content marketing strategies.

Having a solid content marketing strategy can help drive relevant traffic to your website. So let’s go over a few tips to get blog followers and increase your overall blog traffic.

Tips to Get Blog Followers

One of the strategies that successful content creators practice is to acquire relevant backlinks. Backlinks are essential in SEO rankings and can be a great tool to help boost your overall success for your site. But where do you begin when it comes to backlinking?

There are multiple types of backlinks and the more you know about them, the better chances you have of increasing the success of your site.

Different types of backlinks will have different types of costs and effectiveness. One method may have a high cost but will drive more traffic to your site. Another may have a higher potential for your SEO but maybe has a lower chance of traffic. There are many things to consider for backlinks, and it does get easier the more you know about them and the more practiced you become.

Follow our useful SEO Tips article to focus on getting organic traffic using keyword research. The following methods below are simpler ways to increase your blog traffic without waiting on Google and SEO.

Social Media Profile Link Strategy

The social media profile bio section can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Basically, you’re sharing content on social media hoping someone clicks on your blog link that’s in your bio. That’s it… once they are on your website, you must have great content to convert them.

This is one of the last useful Web 2.0 strategies that are similar to the PBN strategy of the old days. These quality social media profile links can help increase your websites SERP presence. This strategy is an old but solid method for getting more traffic to your website. Just remember, never create empty social media accounts just to add your website link to it.

Local Business Listing Strategy

Backlinks for a business listing or citation is a great way to form a beneficial relationship with a legitimate establishment and build trust around your site. Google appreciates these listings and incorporates them into its search algorithms. If you create a backlink to a business listing, there is a good chance they will give you a DoFollow, which is great for increasing blog traffic. This method is easy to do and gives you legitimacy for your site without having to worry about coming across as spam.

Editorial Backlinks Strategy

An extremely popular but difficult method for increasing blog traffic. The powerhouse of backlinks, editorial backlinks are hard to come by but produce extremely successful results when you need to get visitors to your website. If you don’t have an insider at a reputable news source or magazine, you must rely on immensely high-quality content in order to be a reference. Also, your content must pass editorial review, which can be challenging.

Having both high-quality content and a good standing relationship with bloggers in the industry can increase your chances with this particular type of backlink. But just like anything else in the world, if you don’t have either of these things, you can always buy an editorial backlink.

Press Release Strategy

Press releases are a good way to get blog followers. Press releases can be pricey, depending on the company you choose to work with. PR links can range from $100 to $500.

However, if you are backlinking to average content, the chance of success is low. Remember that putting too many links on articles can trigger red flags and set yourself up as spam. As long as the links are coming from high-quality sources, you’ll have a better chance of success with this method. A successful press release can greatly increase your blog followers, website traffic, and overall rank in the search engines.

Blog Resource Page Strategy

Unlike other methods of link building, resource pages are easy to find and there is a mutual desire that consists of the website owner actually wanting to link to you. They need resources and you need a backlink, therefore it is beneficial for both partners. The key to backlinks for resource pages is that your content must be of high quality. The website owner is looking to have scholarly links that will support their own blog and help them drive traffic. This means they aren’t just going to link to any website, they will want a resource that contributes to their content.

Another reason to backlink to a resource page is a simple fact that these pages exist to help, not to sell its audience something. They’re meant to be educational, so the pressure is on the reader and they are more inclined to click on the provided links.

We have created useful resource pages, as well, such as our Ultimate Resource List for Content Creators article.

Guest Posting Strategy

Another popular method to get blog followers quickly is by guest posting. Guest posting is a great way to further relationships with other bloggers and also drive traffic back to your own site, thus increasing your SEO standing. Much like commenting on relevant blogs, creating a guest post can give you further authority and authenticity on the subject matter. A genuine post that contributes to the site will be considered good quality content, taking you out of nefarious hunting spam filters.

As far as the actual backlinks are concerned, you must create your backlinks in a relevant context. Don’t just throw links in randomly – you are creating high-quality content, so you want your backlinks to reflect and emulate that as well. Google will notice if you are not sincere in your posting and backlinks, but if you are authentic, then you will see more traffic, higher SEO ranking, a partnership with other bloggers, and your efforts will be highlighted in search engines, a win-win all around.

Blog Commenting Strategy

The blog commenting strategy was a very easy way to get blog followers back in the old days of blogging. This strategy is still useful if you can find relevant websites with a DoFollow comment section (this is rare these days). Blog comment backlinks may be a tedious approach but the rewards are worth it. These backlinks can diversify anchors, create relevancy in a website, obtain referral traffic, and perhaps the most beneficial is creating a relationship with the blogger for future backlinks and leverage. The tedious part of blog commenting is creating unique comments that contribute to the quality and discussion of the blog in which you are remarking on.

You don’t just want to write two or three words that are meaningless and do not spur further discussion, you want to produce a comment that helps build a relationship and shows further thoughtfulness and value. Remember, to get visitors to your website with blog commenting you want a working friendship with this blogger so you can have a symbiotic partnership that can be maintained to benefit both of your SEO ranks.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using a social media marketing strategy won’t give you backlinks but will help with your online profile. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all examples of social media platforms that can help promote your website and content.

Never overwhelm yourself and try to do every social media account by yourself. The best social media strategy is to find the platform that is best for your audience and stick with it until you have mastered the platform. For example, Blackandise promotes mainly on Instagram and Pinterest… Google+ was a dud, Twitter works best for memes, and Facebook has no reach if you aren’t paying for their ads.

You’ll probably have the most success with Pinterest or Instagram. However, it’s best to figure out which social media platform works for your niche.

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These Tips Will Grow Your Website

There are many other ways to get new blog followers, but we only wanted to focus on safe and evergreen methods. Of course, the landscape is always changing, and even the methods listed here that seem legitimate may not be as effective next year.

You will get more website traffic and blog followers as long as you keep at it. So when you find a strategy that works, go all out and focus on that winning strategy!

⭐️ The most important thing to remember is to keep it legit, never try to cheat the system. Search engines will blacklist your blog and social media platforms will delete your profile. It sucks…


The more time you spend really creating meaningful backlinks and content, the more you will see how much this matters. Having working relationships with other bloggers is much better and more beneficial than making a computer program spit out thousands of meaningless backlinks that may even just lead you to spam. Again, it is important to consider which methods of backlinks will drive traffic, increase SEO, and how much each type of backlink will cost you, either concerning your finances, resources, or otherwise.

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