How to Find Keywords for SEO?

Find Keywords for SEO
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An important content marketing strategy is taking the time to find keywords for SEO.

The first thing that comes to mind when a viral article is mentioned is how well written the content was… and then you get angry because it wasn’t!

On the other hand, it is surprising how some of the rich content out there doesn’t have a high amount of traffic. Usually, this is the result of the content creator failing to do proper long tail keyword research.

And this is why we want you to learn how to find keywords for SEO.

Keywords for SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is extremely important for your longterm success. SEO is slow, no matter what you do, this is a slow and long road. If you have thousands of dollars to spend on paid search marketing then you may want to learn about that type of digital marketing as a way to speed up your process.

From the perspective of a good content creator, what needs to matters the most is finding the right keyword. The right keywords should always connect with those who matter the most, your audience. These keywords are sometimes referred to as search terms. Your search terms are a set of words that searchers will most likely type when searching for content.

Remember, when finding keywords, you’ll want to find good long tail keywords that don’t have too much competition. However, you want keywords that get a decent amount of traffic a month. For example, the keyword for this blog post, How to Find Keywords… has low competition and decent traffic numbers.

Traditional Keyword Research

Here are some tips to show you how to find keywords for SEO. This will help you increase your website traffic.

Keyword research is an essential step in trying to find good keywords, it involves the use of certain tools to know the specific keywords that are often used in searches in your field or market. Some of the popular keyword tools include Mangools Keyword Finder & SEMrushand many other tools. After getting the appropriate keywords using the right tool you can go further by searching the traffic strength of these words on Google Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere. With the knowledge of the strength of your keywords, you can then narrow them down based on their traffic volume, competition, and how relevancy.

For example, we use SEMrush at Blackandise and will find keywords using their premium tool. We will then use Google Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere to compare the keyword data. The reason we do this is that some of the data may not have updated their keywords. Additionally, this method has been working so why change it… ??‍♂️

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

As we explain how to find keywords, we need to talk about LSI. LSI means latent semantic indexing and is the use of using synonyms in your content, images, and marketing campaigns. Inputting the location like the country, state, etc. can also increase your traffic especially when there is a physical market or location. An example is this, is that we’ve been working on ranking better for Houston + blogging.

Long Tail Keywords

In the process of finding those LSI keywords, you need to have some long tail keywords. These keywords often have low traffic but you can niche down and get good traffic by creating a lot of good content. Those 5 articles using long tail keywords will probably give you better traffic than those 20 articles using broad keywords. We had to learn this… the hard way. ?

Long tail keywords are those four, five, or even six-worded phrased keywords that are extremely specific. These long tail keywords are important, competition is fierce and your success depends on learning how to create good content with long tail keywords.

Branded Keywords

This is a popular method but we do not think it’s worth it. Big brands and their names can be used in the process of finding high traffic keywords. It involves using big brand names like Coca-Cola or Facebook in content related to your website. It’s a risky SEO technique and isn’t worth it.

Using already established brands can quickly increase your website traffic, but it doesn’t do anything for your brand. So don’t do it, instead focus on building up your own brand with quality content. Once you have some good content, work on link building to slowly grow YOUR brand.

Wouldn’t it suck to create some amazing content about a certain brand and then get a cease & desist letter from them.


There are several methods for finding good high traffic keywords. Find good keywords, create great content, and share your content with others. These three things are often ignored by most content creators which is why it is difficult for many of us to increase our website traffic and grow. You shouldn’t take it lightly because all of this SEO stuff is important. As you are creating great content with your relevant keywords, you’ll slowly gain authenticity and authority on those search engines. This is when the fun happens as you see your traffic stay consistent and attract the right people organically. The simplest and most efficient ways to reach your goal is by staying consistent with this strategy.

You can use the KWFinder tool below to get started with your research.

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