Digital Strategy with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads will get your business in front of the right audience at the best time

Facebook advertising is important because it provides businesses with the capability of reaching out to specific audiences. According to Facebook, their targeted advertising campaigns are about 90% accurate.

Facebook also offers a variety of advertising options to meet the needs and preferences of individual advertisers. Business owners and managers have the choice of targeting potential customers by geographical location, personal interests, and demographics.

Ad performance is easily tracked, allowing businesses to keep close tabs on how well the ads are working or not working. This transparency provides opportunities to immediately make necessary changes to the overall game plan.

Facebook Ads lets you meet customers on their own turf and deliver your message directly to them.

Our search engine marketing agency is staffed with experienced digital marketing specialists who help businesses grow through these powerful online advertising platforms.

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Appdore, LLC is a Search Engine Marketing Agency near Cypress that creates customized ad campaigns developed for many industries such as black-owned businesses, healthcare, and higher education in the greater Houston area. One of the benefits of using Facebook Ads is the ability to create multiple versions of an ad and allow Facebook’s powerful machine learning technology to find which ad performs the best.  Additionally, Facebook has a tag similar to Google that allows businesses to get an accurate reading of sales generated by their Facebook campaigns.

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