He Cannot Decide! Examples of Cool Gadgets

What are Some Examples of Cool Gadgets to Have?

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Every time we discover new gadgets, our eyes grow wide and our heartbeat instantly fastens and no, it’s not because they came straight from the gym or saw the one they are attracted to either. Insanely cool gadgets are true love, you know this is why we believe in love at first sight right?

There are countless new gadgets in the market, sometimes you can say even more than one can ever need. So, what gadgets do we need that would prove to be beneficial for us in being productive in our daily lives and won’t be lost under all the pile of unfolded laundry. That’s just my life I’m talking about.

Best Examples of Gadgets

We have that essential gadget career-oriented guide right here for you to rock your field of work and life. We are bringing you the essential technology that is must-haves, and to make it better we will recommend to you what we feel is the best in the field.

Yes, we are amazing like that because no one can understand you better than us. You can trust us on this, consider all these compiled gadgets as must-haves in this tech crazy world and don’t feel guilty about splurging on these because they are going to be your companions in the long run. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Presenting you with our list with a few examples of gadgets that are considered essential to most people.


There is no space for arguing with this one, whether you are a student, an employee or an employer you most definitely cannot go on without this particularly useful gadget. This is essential. Period.

When it comes to laptops you need those that boast the latest technology. You don’t need laptops that simply work, you need something that can be compatible with every latest software launched in the market, whatever your profession.

It’s best to brush up on your knowledge when it comes to the latest laptops, you need to read multiple reviews and consumer reports to find the perfect one. With a world where you may need 3D apps, image editors and film editing suites or other software related to your profession you simply cannot survive without a laptop.

You need to check the gadget for a Core i7 or Core i9 processor and its storage capacities like hard drives and RAM. You can’t simply walk into the office with an outdated laptop the same way you can’t go on a date with a t-shirt you’ve worn for 12 hours. Yes, that serious.

For overall performance and stability, we love the Apple MacBook Pro. And for the new gamers and streaming out there, thanks to the coronavirus madness, we are fans of the Razer Blade. This is one of the best gaming laptops available and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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If you had to choose between a laptop and a smartphone which one would you choose? The answer is- there is no possibility of choosing, you need both of them in your lives the same way you need both KFC and McDonalds.

Smartphones changed the world upon arrival, one that you can’t live without. Though it cannot replace the functions of a laptop (yet) however, we have no doubt it will in the future.

For now, it has a lot of functions that are deemed essential such as communication, research, email, banking, gaming, entertainment, budgeting, photography, fitness, calculations, apps, and videos which are made a piece of cake with the invention of this device. Smartphones are not only convenient, useful and cool gadgets but can be deemed essential.

Just like a laptop you need to conduct in-depth research before deciding to invest in this one. We are big fans of the Apple iPhone series and OnePlus series.

DSLR Camera

We can’t say your profession will die a painful death without this one unless you are someone in the e-commerce, photography or editing field. However, this is one gadget that can be treated as an asset.

DSLR cameras are so useful, especially if you are a socially active person, have an online business or are a blogger. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex (camera). These take amazing pictures. I mean really, whether you are an adventure lover or just a hobbyist you simply need this on your to-buy list even if it means you quitting Starbucks to save for this one. Yes, I’m choosing a DSLR over an espresso even if it means I turn up like a zombie in my office.

They are fast, reliable, compatible and optimal. If you love taking focused and clear images with an excellent quality resolution, you need this one in your life as soon as possible. The latest ones have built-in wifi and touchscreen displays that can make your life so much easier.

So, what do you need to look for in a DSLR? You need to check on specs such as resolution, shutter speed, aperture, lens compatibility, and ISO. If DSLR is not your thing then you can opt for a mirrorless camera that is similar but faster, smaller and lighter than a DSLR. But DSLR’s are very much needed in your life. Trust me.

Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

As the days go by, smaller the tech gadgets get. Yes, we are speaking about smartwatches that play major roles to help make life easy.

Come on, you have all that cool stuff right on your wrist, what more could you want? These gadgets make life easier and healthier. You can check your mails with one tap, you can check your vitals and the minutes you have run. All this which could have only been available on a treadmill or a machine or phone is available for you right on your wrist.

Can this stuff get even cooler? Yes, it can. The Apple Watch series rocks and gives you access to various apps without your mobile device. It’s getting better every series. And a great alternative is the Fitbit Versa series.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Have you been in a situation where you are driving so use your headphones to pick up your call but that important call is ruined because of honking horns?

Noise-canceling headphones close to mute exterior sounds that can disturb your call. Bose, Sony, and now Apple can be depended on to provide you with the best quality noise-canceling headphones. Don’t lose an important conference or client because of noisy calls by including this in your life.

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Bluetooth Speakers

There was a time when untangling chords to listen to songs was a burden. It isn’t anymore. With the invention of Bluetooth speakers came ease.

These devices help you stream music wirelessly from your phone or laptop. You don’t need an electric socket for this one as long as its charged.

Playing music during parties, barbecues and near the pool is that much easier. Add these to your essential gadget list if you are the life of every party or just need songs to dance around while taking a shower. Yup, it’s essential for me.

Backup Hard Drive

Have you felt the pain of losing important documents before? No, you better not because it hurts as much as your first love marrying your best friend. I’m not even kidding. Raw pain right there!

All important stuff needs to be saved. You always had a backup plan when you pranked your teacher during high school didn’t you? It’s as serious as that.

You don’t want to get into trouble whether you are a student, an employee or the CEO. You seriously need a backup hard drive to store all your data and these are extremely convenient for security, backup or protection.

Check out our list of NAS devices, for people wanting to build a home cloud setup.


If you are thinking if this is not essential then I must say stop being a grownup. I mean, who doesn’t need a drone? Yes, surely you aren’t going to lose your job because of not having this one but let’s say you need a break once in a while, this gadget will help you with that.

Not only are these gadgets cool but they are also extremely fun and if you ever get lost trekking sometimes then this pretty thing can be of much more convenience than a compass.


When we talk gadgets it means all the stuff you need to succeed and be productive in this modern tech world where losing one message can be a deal maker or breaker. Your future success in your career can slightly be inclined towards these gadgets.

Who am I kidding? These gadgets are ever insanely cool and you probably want to buy these if you don’t have them already.

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