Content Marketing Examples and Tips

Content Marketing Examples and Tips
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Content is king and will forever be king when it comes to Internet marketing. The content marketing examples below will cover the different ways you can use content marketing to grow your brand, increase visibility online, develop customers relationships, and create a schedule to share great content.

Content Marketing Examples

Content is the information that search engines show when people search for information online. The more content you have the more likely you are to get found. The team here at Blackandise has been creating and sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

A few examples of good content to create include:

  • Web pages
  • Blog articles
  • Press releases
  • Twitter tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • White papers
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Podcasts episodes
  • Case studies
  • Video clips
  • Audio files
  • PDFs

The Importance of Content Marketing

Having content is extremely important when it comes to content marketing because it’s how you get found online. The more content you put out there, the more opportunities there are for people to find your content. People are always searching for something online, so when you mix great content marketing + keyword research + luck, you have an opportunity to get discovered online!

Content Marketing Examples and Tips

Why Use Content Marketing?

There are a few reasons to focus on content marketing for your business. As you gain experience, you’ll figure out more ways to utilize content marketing to take your business to the next level. If you’re still wondering, most of our traffic comes from SEO (specifically 90% Google & 10% Bing), Pinterest, and Instagram.

Here are the most important reasons we love using content marketing.

Content Marketing Will Increase Your Visibility

Offering more and varied types of content increases the chances that Google or another search engine will decide your information is relevant to a customer’s search and show your material in the search results.

  • Situation: Today Google is serving more variety in their search results including short video clips, audio files, creative news stories, and PDFs if they’re relevant.
  • Opportunity: Repackage your content to take advantage of the lack of content in those spaces.

Content Marketing Will Help You Build Authority

  • Situation: Spreading your expertise around the web and getting backlinks from others will expose your content to more people. When this happens, it builds authority and helps with your search engine rankings.
  • Opportunity: Backlinks are the essence of SEO in terms of getting higher rankings. Additionally, they’re great sources of targeted, direct traffic that isn’t dependent on search engine rankings.

Content Marketing Will Help You Build Relationships

  • Situation: Getting traffic to your site is a good start, but starting a relationship with your visitors is even better.
  • Opportunity: You can repackage your content into other forms such as a creative blog post, audio file, or eBook. The new content can be offered as a free download, free email course, or a premium product.

Content Marketing Allows for More Site Updates

  • Situation: Google has an option to show websites based on their update time. If you’re producing content on a regular basis then people looking for information updated within a period of days, hours, weeks, etc. will find you.
  • Opportunity: Use the latest news in your niche to take advantage of people using the time option in Google.


Never stop creating new content and remember to repackage your old content. Content will forever be king. Please read our Content Marketing Strategies List for more content marketing examples and tips.

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