Should Dads Blog to Make Money?

Blogging Dads Make Money
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All you blogging dads out there!

Please stop giving away all your great advice for FREE on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s great to have a platform on social media but having your own blog is the best. You’ll never have to worry about a lack of control, being deleted or blocked sucks.

Blogging Dads Like Money

Wouldn’t it be great to make an extra $200 or so every month, without filling out time-consuming surveys or selling old collectibles on eBay? The answer is always yes.

It’s been crazy busy for me, I haven’t even touched this blog in weeks. The great thing is because of my hard work on my blog, I’m slowly seeing passive income from old posts (Google is finally organically ranking old pages). At the moment, I’m getting some commission from Amazon and Bluehost. I’m happy I cared about using good SEO.

The fact that this content marketing strategies blog has continued to make money during my blogger’s block is exactly why more dads should start a blog. The passive income is nice… having another income stream is never a bad thing.

Dads Love Passive Income

This unpredictable daddy blogger life has been full of unexpected turns, as we recently moved to a house on the other side of Houston, so it’s been a slow adjusting period. Finding a new daycare for my daughter, having a 90-minute drive to work, being a good husband, and dealing with the normal stresses of moving have stopped me from blogging lately.

However, I am anxious to get back to blogging. Blogging is fun and relaxing, for now. And this blogging dad had a 38-week writing streak while working full time (that gamification got me addicted to blogging)!

Dad Blogs That Make Money

Although I haven’t written a new blog post since January, I am happy to report that my blog has continued to bring in some extra money.

For you dads that can find an extra 15 minutes in the day, try to write a paragraph and in a few days, you’ll have a quality blog post. Passive blogging income comes with quality over quantity. For all of those stay at home dads wondering if you should be blogging when the kid is asleep, the answer is hell yes!

And for those working dads that ride the bus to work, work on that blog post instead of looking at Instagram models and stacked burgers! Content is king and every post on your blog can be shared… and eventually, it’ll produce a backlink for others to see (that’s another journey just get started first).

Dad Influencers Wanted!

One day, your article may get shared by a big company like Buzzfeed or an influencer and next thing you know, you’re able to put that extra money into the savings for your kid’s next birthday party.

Anyway, more dads should blog. Who doesn’t want an extra $200 or so each month? Even if you think that’s chump change, it will add up over time. Think about it and decide on what you want to blog about and if you need some help, I have a few blog posts with information on how to start blogging with WordPress (Medium is a good alternative). My daughter has started a new daycare and I’ve accepted my long commute to work for now. I will be blogging on a regular basis and track my growth. So working dads, stay at home dads, and dads with an idea take time and blog, we need more blogging dads.

Blogging dads… stay strong and start creating great content like those wonderful blogging moms!

Dads, Just Start Typing

If you decide to become a daddy blogger or blogging dad (I go by the blogging dad because it sounds cooler), you can literally write about anything.

Whether it’s about new food recipes, overpriced cars, dad life, iPad games, or even coffee creamers. If you think you’re too busy, you’re not. It takes time but you can be that popular blogging dad writing about your passion.

If you don’t know what to write about, you should think about what kind of blog you want to read but don’t see. If that suggestion sucks then do some keyword research using Google Keyword Planner (free tool) or SEMrush (premium tool).

I did a quick keyword search and saw a few gems. You can always try blogging about:

  • Easy health and fitness blog for dads
  • Dad’s lifestyle blog
  • Men’s best fashion blog
  • Cool stuff for guys blog


As always, just take your time and do your own research for the best results on picking your topics. For those super busy dads, who don’t have hours of free time, the start a blog post will help you get started, you can start a blog within an hour! Don’t miss out on blogging, a year from now you will be wishing that you had started that blog. If you’re on the fence about it, go ahead and take the leap.

Below are some useful blogging tips for the blogging dads out there.

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