Why Should You Start Blogging for Money?

Blogging for Money
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You should start blogging for money after you have reached a milestone of about 20,000 words total.

You need to prove to yourself that you are serious about blogging. Blogging for money should not be your main priority as a new blogger. To survive as a blogger, you need a solid business model before you start creating content for your blog.

What is the blogging business model? A business model is a plan for how to generate revenue and make a profit. This means you need to have a plan ready before you start creating too much content.

Once you have your business model ready, you can start blogging for money. Many new bloggers start with high-commission affiliate marketing programs or Google Adsense.

The truth is, you can’t grow your blog without money. And it is difficult to continue creating content without the motivation of money.

Why Blog for Money?

Blogging for money is definitely the end goal for most people. You need to think of the other benefits of blogging. Trust us, you’ll need that for motivation to continue blogging during those $0 income months. It took the site over 14 months to reach an organic $20 a month as of February 2019. [We reached $500 per month as of October 2023.]

If you know why you want to start blogging, besides the financial gains, you will learn to appreciate the benefits associated with blogging. 

Below is a list of reasons that will keep you working on your blog and living your online dream, even when times are a bit hard.

To Have Work From Anywhere

Before you are able to start blogging for money, you’ll need to have a business model. With a good business model, you’ll eventually reach total blogging freedom.

Unlike when you work for someone, you have to strive to be worthy of a pay rise and still convince your employer of your worthiness. With blogging, you only need to work smarter, longer, and harder to earn more money.

This is why having a good business model is important. You will need a business model to remind you of your overall goal. As you earn a profit, reinvest that into your blogging business. If you succeed as a blogger, you will need to hire some help to ultimately bring in more profit. It is all in your power, the more you do, the more you will earn.

To Have Multiple Streams of Income

Blogging goes beyond writing blog posts. Successful bloggers usually earn serious profits when they create multiple streams of income by diversifying. While this may come with a couple of challenges and the need to adapt to tough situations, it comes with good benefits. 

First, you will never be bored with repetitive tasks. Second, you can decide what new task you want to prioritize and focus on. And you get to set your own goals, without having to get permission from a superior. We have created multiple streams of income by having multiple niche blogs.

To Learn Many New Skills

Apart from doing what you like, blogging ensures that you learn more and get better by the day. To thrive in the blogging industry, you must always improve yourself by acquiring new skills. 

Some of the essential skills for blogging include knowing how to manage WordPress, creating engaging blog posts, and utilizing social media or paid search advertising to help generate traffic to your blog. Blogging demands that you learn while on the job to stay ahead of your competition.

To Meet Other Bloggers

This is one of the best perks of blogging. You will meet many other bloggers in similar niches. These bloggers may also be blogging for money or blogging as a hobby.

Blogging will bring you closer to others who share the same ideas with you. Your outlook changes with your circle of friends. You will want to hang around people who understand what you do so that you can share new ideas with them. 

To Have More Freedom

As a blogger, you are free to work at your discretion. You get to set your working hours, break times, and when you get to go on vacation. Bloggers never need anyone’s approval to get things fixed or executed. That’s the kind of freedom that comes with being a blogger.

And you are not restricted to a particular location! You may decide to work at home, or your favorite cafe, or at a coworking space with many like-minded individuals who make blogging more interesting. 


While it is understandable that the monetary aspect of blogging is what attracts most people to this relaxing side hustle, the sad truth is that you will need true passion to make money as a blogger.  Considering these fantastic points, you now have more reasons to blog. The money will come, just don’t expect to make money overnight.

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