Increase Affiliate Marketing Income

Affiliate Income 101: How to Increase Affiliate Marketing Income
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After months of hard work of creating content and not making much money, it’s probably time to think of ways to increase your affiliate income.

Affiliate marketing is the process of being rewarded with a commission when promoting a product from another person or company.

Now is the time to get a “raise” since you’ve probably made another company a lot of money with your content.

How to Increase Affiliate Marketing Income?

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online and you don’t even need a website to earn your affiliate income.

The issue is that some of the reliable affiliate programs have low commission rates.

Let’s go over a few ways to fine-tune your blog so that you can increase your affiliate marketing income.

Honestly is one of the best ways to increase your affiliate marketing income. Ask yourself… is it worth making an extra hundred dollars sharing a crappy product?

Recommend Trusted Products

There are many products out there that may pay a great commission, however that doesn’t mean you should promote it.

You probably would feel terrible misleading your audience so only promote products or services that you trust, love, and would use. Your audience will appreciate your honesty and you’ll become an authority of time for your great recommendations.

Take this blog, for example, the all tech category focuses on the top products in a category rather than every new product in a category. I’m not trying to confuse my audience by recommending every single product that may have a high commission. Some products have a 1% commission while others have an 8% commission.

Before you decide to recommend a product, always have your audience’s best interest in mind.

Keep Affiliate Marketing Reviews Simple

There are so many choices today for consumers, so do your audience a favor and keep it simple.

Don’t waste your audience’s time by recommending 25+ products in every blog post. Some readers may prefer a roundup of the top 3 products in a category. Keep your reviews simple and try to only write about the best of the best for the category.

I’m not the best at this but I’ve revised many old blog posts and plan to not overload my audience going forward. I had to remind myself why I started blogging… because I was tired of reading product reviews that compared 25+ products.

This approach isn’t for everyone as it can be extremely difficult to convince your audience of something you love and trust in less than 800-1,000 words. Trying this approach can be rewarding though and if done correctly can give your audience high value without overwhelming them.

The best thing to do here is to ask your audience if they prefer the simple top 3 approaches or the comparison approach.

Create Shareable Affiliate Marketing Content

For the people that aren’t too thrilled about the less is more approach, I understand. Some of the big bloggers I follow believe in the skyscraper approach. These skyscraper blog posts have a higher chance of being liked, tweeted, or pinned because of the great content.

The skyscraper approach will give you the opportunity to write everything that you’ve learned about the product. Do your audience a favor and keep it neat and use some type of anchoring system if your post is over 3,000 words. Also, don’t forget to use good SEO with this approach.

Google loves these types of blog posts so if you can pump them out, go for it! I believe that once you reach a certain level of blogging success, you do not have to rely on this type of blog post as much.

This approach is a great way to increase your affiliate marketing income because it relies on creating great shareable content that will likely rank high in the search engines.

Ask For More Affiliate Income

So you’ve gotten the hang of affiliate marketing but not seeing enough money!

Now is the time to make a choice, you can look for a higher paying affiliate program or you can ask your current affiliate program manager for more money in order to increase your affiliate income.

If you are an affiliate for one of the smaller companies out there, then you have a high chance of increasing your affiliate income (sadly, trying to get a pay increase with a big corporation such as Amazon or Rakuten will probably be impossible).

Anyway, these affiliate program managers at smaller companies know that finding great affiliates is a difficult task.

If you have been performing well with one of your affiliate programs, then reach out to that affiliate manager and try to negotiate a pay increase such as higher commissions or flat rates per sale. This is a simple way to increase your affiliate income. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you’ve already shown your worth.

Use Affiliate Marketing Link Managers

Never miss a sale because of a broken link. This is a suggestion from one of my favorite bloggers, Making Sense of Cents, that suggests using a link manager such as Pretty Links can increase your affiliate income as it’ll be easier for you to manage all of your affiliate links in one location.

If your affiliate links need to be updated or removed, then you can do so in one location instead of having to edit every page that mentions that product.


I’m actually doing a combination of the first 3 recommendations, I plan to ask for a raise when I can provide an affiliate program, other than Amazon, with more traffic. I know Amazon won’t budge with their commissions so I’m not going to waste my time.

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