5 Best WiFi Extender (or WiFi Repeater)

Best Wireless Extender Wireless Repeater
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A WiFi extender, or WiFi repeater, takes your current wireless connection and amplifies it so that it can reach farther

To keep things simple, WiFi extenders are basically the same as WiFi repeaters but are usually cheaper.

WiFi extenders are a great way of overcoming the dead zones in your house, the rooms in your house with little or no wireless signals.

Best WiFi Extenders

In our opinion, the NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band is currently one of the best Tri-Band WiFi extenders available (check the reviews).

Below you will find other great WiFi extenders that all have over a 90% satisfactory rating by real customers. Nowadays, these extenders are very easy to set up… so connect these extenders to your main router, follow the setup, and wait for the magic to happen. Within a few minutes, your dead zones should go away.

The Best WiFi Extender for Most Homes

The NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender is great for single floor houses with dead zones.

  1. NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System for less than $380
  2. Linksys Velop Mesh Router for less than $350
  3. eero Dual-Band Mesh Router for less than $250
  4. Google Mesh Wifi System for less than $220
  5. Meshforce Whole Home Mesh WiFi System for less than $180

Overall, there are many WiFi extenders available but NETGEAR, eero, and Google are our favorite brands. If you’re unsure always check the verified reviews, especially the 2-4 star reviews.

Do I need a Dual-Band or Tri-Band WiFi extender?

This answer is complicated but to keep it simple, get Tri-Band if you can afford it. Tri-Band has a higher WiFi speed cap than Dual-Band.

Overall, Tri-Band is the best option as it’s the newest band technology (very future-proof) and will give the best performance for users on extremely fast Internet plans. If you have basic Internet, Dual-Band is more than enough because you’ll probably never reach your WiFi speed cap.

What is the best WiFi Extender security advice?

When considering the use of a WiFi extender, the best and simple advice is to ALWAYS USE A STRONG PASSWORD.


If you have a large house or rooms with dead zones, you should invest in a WiFi extender. If your current router isn’t able to reach your entire house or if your internet speed slows down in certain areas of the house, you’re simply wasting money paying for broadband services.

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