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Although it is true that as a content creator, you have to write great content for search engines, you also need to write great content for real people. So many of us try to write just for the search engines and our content looks weird. Getting this part right will eventually increase your website traffic and your sales. Oddly enough, it was recently discovered that these factors aren’t the only factors that matter to achieve success. Simply creating a lot of great content isn’t enough, you have to be smart while keeping the quality high.

Search Engine Rules

With the current state of blogging, there are two major factors that can’t be ignored while trying to succeed. The first is your word count and quality. Writing short articles no longer works with search engines. You have to put in the time and create longer articles. Your articles should be at least 500 words or else you’ll get penalized for having “thin content” and that page will not rank. After you have created your content, you also have to work on your internal linking as well as building external backlinks.

All of this SEO stuff can be overwhelming. This is why content creators need to take advantage of website ranking tools. There are countless ways for you to utilize a good website ranking checker. However, in this article, we’ll be concentrating on SEMrush, the best website ranking checker.

Try SEMrush

This is the best website ranking checker in the industry. SEMrush has so many cool tools to help people rank their websites. Some of their tools include a keyword research tool, keyword rank tracking tool, backlink checking tool, domain competition tool, and several other tools that can help you move up the search engine ranks. SEMrush is considered the best website ranking checker because of all the useful tools available. You’ll want to take advantage of the SEMrush 7-Day Trial.

SEMrush is known as the best all-in-one package. With its single dashboard, you can get everything that has to do with website ranking and evaluation. SEMrush is the tool that has definitely earned the trust of many top-notch professional bloggers, content creators, and digital marketing agencies.

SEMrush was produced by SEOquake; a popular SEO addon for Firefox. SEMrush has seen massive growth over the years. This tool recently earned the title of being the best website ranking checker in the world. As of 2018, SEMrush has had more than 130,000,000 domains and more than 800,000,000 keywords in its database.

The full version of SEMrush is the PRO account which has several new tools and functions not present in the normal account. SEMrush works best with the PRO account. Once you get accustomed to the various features of SEMrush from the free trial, you should upgrade to the PRO account if you are able to find value in their tools.


Even though SEMrush has many features, it is quite a simple tool to use. As a way to ease new subscribers into their tool, the company offers a 14-day trial. Take advantage of their trial and do some keyword research or SERP comparison to see if you like their tool.

Basically, SEMrush is an effective tool for checking rank and keywords in search engines. With the use of the awesome SEMrush tool, you will be able to find good keywords that will generate traffic if you write good content. Knowledge of this will make you a better content creator.

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