Best Custom URL Shortener WordPress Plugin

Best Custom URL Shortener
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Pretty Link Pro is the best URL shortener management plugin for WordPress!

As a digital marketing specialist, I often have to switch between different URL shorteners and cloaking plugins for various clients.

Focusing on URL management is definitely a high priority. Previously I was using some free tools such as affiliate royale but it was lacking features such as link optimization. After a few hours of research, I found Pretty Links, a great WordPress plugin!

Best Custom URL Shortener

Using Pretty Links have simplified everything.

As the best URL shortener for WordPress, Pretty Links allows you to optimize all of your website links. You can manage all of your affiliate links in one area and over time this will help boost your sales as you can quickly replace broken links or remove expired deals.

The Pretty Links Pro Plugin

Let’s talk more in depth about the great features of Pretty Links. Pretty Link Pro is a WordPress plugin that has free and premium features. The Pretty Links plugin allows you to create shortened, branded links that will work seamlessly with your favorite affiliate plugin. Pretty Link Pro is a valuable URL shortener tool for anyone that has ever worked with affiliate programs. This plugin can help give information about your current campaigns such as your impressions, CTR (click-through rates), and conversions.

Some of the benefits of using Pretty Link Pro with your affiliate plugins include:

  • Making it easier to share URLs by creating short links
  • Help boost brand awareness by creating your own unique URL
  • Creating prettier (non-spammy looking) URL links for visitors to click on

How to Track a Link in WordPress

As I’ve read, Pretty Links Pro works great with Affiliate Royale.

When using the two together, you’re using the best affiliate toolset. Most affiliate programs will allow you to use Pretty Link Pro except for Amazon. Sadly, you can’t use Pretty Link Pro with Amazon Affiliate Program as they do not allow affiliates to use any 3rd party shorteners.

Luckily, there are hundreds of reliable affiliate programs out there. With Pretty Link Pro and Affiliate Royale you can:

First, you can neatly brand your affiliate links to boost credibility when sharing URLs on social media. Creating your own custom branded links are a great way to build trust online. Additionally, you’ll see more engagement compared to using those free URL shorteners. Visitors often ignore those,, and links these days.

With Pretty Link Pro, you can put additional features on your links such as expiry dates, nofollow, or dofollow options.

Second, the reporting system in Pretty Link Pro is great and can help you with your affiliate programs. You can see what is converting and can make changes accordingly. The visitor conversions will show you how often your leads are converting after purchasing something or completing an objective on the website.

Third, all Pretty Link Pro users can do deep A/B tests to see what actually works. Split testing is one of the best ways to find out why or why not your product is converting. This old marketing technique enables you to do understand the good and bad elements of your website and quickly adjust. You can set up rotating URLs during the Split testing for more results.


Pretty Link Pro is the best custom URL shortener WordPress plugin available. Although the free version of Pretty Link is amazing, the lack of features and stats is bad for many affiliate marketing experts. If you want to learn more about Pretty Links Pro then check out their homepage.

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