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Finding the best travel blog niches is what most people talk about these days. This hype is not really a big surprise.

With the travel industry getting more crowded by the day, travel bloggers are all trying to think outside the box for them to stand out.

Why Start A New Travel Blog?

Everyone dreams about that day when they can finally quit their job, pack their things and get on a place to explore a new destination.

Problems such as traffic hassles, stress factors at work, digital bombardment, inflation and recession, breakups, and many other oddities of life are some of the top reasons why people love to travel.

So, what are the best travel blog niches that you can consider when starting your own travel blog?

Backpackers Guide

There are a lot of backpackers traveling all over the world with their shoestring budget. Backpackers love to climb, run, hike, and engage in adrenaline-filled activities. You can write guides to help these backpackers to have better plans and more fulfilling trips.

Travel Budgeting

There are people who don’t love the idea of using up all their stashed money for their travels. There are many helpful travel tips and hacks that let travelers save money during their trips. You can start with writing educational blog posts on how they can save cash and avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent travel companies and agents. You can even teach people how to take advantage of credit rewards and discount offers.

Travel Tour and Airline Company Reviews

Some people love to travel but they don’t love that tiring and long process of planning their trip. Many people choose to let a tour company or agent do the job for them instead. This is where they can use your help.

You can conduct a survey or get data from reliable review websites and write detailed and unbiased reviews about different airlines and travel companies.

New Travel Tips

You can share your own travel tricks and tips such as how to pack efficiently, get through long hours of flights, and more.

City Guide

Go and explore your city and all of its attractions. You can suggest some unusual destinations that tourists can visit. City guides are perfect for budget travelers.

Travel and Language

If you love to learn different languages, now is the time to create your own blog on this. You can help readers learn useful phrases and basic words they can use for their upcoming travels. You can also create helpful cheat sheets in PDF format that readers can print out to offer more value.

Cultural Differences

You can also share the things you learned about proper names and customs in foreign cultures. It is the perfect niche to guide travelers and expats on how to respect local traditions and customs.


These are several travel blog topics for those having trouble getting started. If you are a certified wanderlust and you are hungry for more new experiences, you will surely be perfect for the travel niche.

Most people find traveling as therapeutic and you might become their number one go-to person when looking for the best travel tips and ideal destinations to visit.

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