Best Kids Smartwatch Phone

Kids Smartwatch Phone
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Similar to a smartwatch phone designed for adults, the ones designed for the kids are constructed with higher quality than expected. These devices are adding features like fitness functions, pedometer, GPS tracking, two-way calling, and even downloadable apps.

Smartwatch Phone for Kids

However, the distinguishing part of the smartwatch phone for kids is the fact that they are simple to use. This is a brilliant way to introduce children to the positive aspect of wearable technology.

When deciding the best smartwatch phone for kids, we will ensure all of the cool aspects of wearable technology are taken into consideration such as simplicity, battery life, and quirky appeal. 

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

For parents with kids 4 to 10 (based on the 95% rating on Amazon), parents really love the VTech Kidizoom.

This device is one of the best choices for young children wanting something besides the traditional watch or expensive wearable. This kid wearable comes with a digital camera that has a selfie camera and with a side-facing camera to capture clear action shots.

Additionally, the VTech Kidizoom has been packed with several built-in games. There are even some games that use augmented reality such as a monster-catching game (no not Pokemon or Digimon) and another game with fun challenges that use the motion sensor.

The top features of the VTech smartwatch phone, fascinating colors and design, the learning lodge that has a lot of downloadable constructive content and learning activities, sweat-proof bands and other essentials such as a clock, stopwatch, voice recorder, calendar, and calculator.

VTech Star Wars Smartwatch

For parents with kids 5 to 12 (based on the 91% rating on Amazon), the Star Wars smartwatch phone is a solid choice for fans of Star Wars and wearables. Since most parents… and some children are fans of Star Wars, this is probably a good starter wearable for children.

The camera and touchscreen on this device are better than expected. Besides all the Star Wars stuff, this wearable allows children to record their voices and transform them into character voices from Star Wars.

The top features of the Star Wars smartwatch phone are the camera, voice recording, photo templates, motion sensor-based tasks, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, pedometer, and Star Wars sound effects app.

Verizon Gizmowatch

For parents with kids 7 and older (based on the 85% rating on Amazon), the Gizmowatch is a popular wearable that’s available with Verizon services.

The goal of the Gizmowatch is to track the location of your child through GPS. The GPS feature is inarguably precise because it utilizes a cellular connection provided by Verizon.

This device has other GPS features such as the restrictive GEO fence. This feature is to restrict the child’s movements, so if your child moves beyond the set boundaries then the parent will be notified immediately. Additionally, the Gizmowatch allows parents access to easily communicate with their children via the two-way calling function.

Besides the two-way calling, the other top features of the Gizmowatch are the colorful designs, camera, caller alert, forced auto-answer, real-time GPS, GEO fence, and audio recorder.

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