Best Bluetooth Tile Trackers

Best Tile Trackers
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New technology devices are getting smaller and smaller, and we all have that must-have tech gadget that we can’t leave at home (looking at you Apple Watch).

And since most of us all have a smartphone, there’s nothing special about that gadget… we’re talking other cool gadgets such as the Bluetooth tiles tracker. We are like…. finally, these little tile trackers are more affordable than ever.

Best Bluetooth Tile Tracker

At the moment, the best Bluetooth tile tracker is the New Tile Pro from Tile. This item finder device is user-friendly, reliable, and has great battery life. The Tile Pro also has a simple mobile app that allows its tile trackers to work with Alexa and Bose.

And since you’re interested in these Bluetooth tile trackers, below are some of our favorite tile tags, item finders, and key finders available right now.

Not only do these Bluetooth item finders fit in your pocket… literally… they’re priced low enough to fit most budgets.

4 Best Bluetooth Tile Trackers

There aren’t too many big companies in the Bluetooth item finder tech space, besides Tile and a few other startups. So here is a list of their best tile trackers available.

  • Tile Slim, a slimmer item finder that’s great for wallets and passports… buy for less than $35
  • Tile Stickers, the perfect item finder for your smaller items… buy for less than $45
  • Tile Pro 2-pack, the original item finder that’s great for tagging most of your items around the house… buy for less than $60
  • Cube Key Finder, a good alternative to the Tile Pro… buy for less than $30

Bluetooth Tile Tracker Accessories

There are many great compatible accessories for the tile tracker these days, especially for the TILE brand tile trackers.

The main function of these tile accessories is the ability to ask the smart assistant to ask TILE to ring a specific tile (such as the tile connected to your keys) or find the location of the tile.

Tile Tracker FAQs

This section is for anyone still interested in this impressive piece of Bluetooth tile technology. We have answered many questions related to these smart tile trackers.

How does a tile tracker work?

The tile tracker was made to help you find the things that matter most! A simple explanation of how these tile trackers work is below.

These tile trackers will have a companion app for your smartphone that connects via Bluetooth. After linking the tile tracker to your smartphone, you’ll pretty much be able to use your smartphone to find the tile tracker and whatever item you had stuck on the tile tracker (such as the remote, car keys, tablet, etc.)

What is the tile tracker max range?

Many of these tile trackers have a range of around 100-200 feet, as the restriction is based on Bluetooth’s capability.

However, some of the more advanced tile trackers have longer ranges thanks to other Bluetooth connected devices using similar item finder apps. It created a cool tile tracker search network.

Is there a tile GPS tracker?

No, most tile trackers use Bluetooth technology. GPS technology uses too much power and would quickly drain the battery of a tile tracker.

How long does a tile tracker battery last?

One year is how long most tile trackers will last before needing a battery replacement.

Some of the new tile trackers have built-in batteries that last for more than one year such as the Tile Slim.

The Tile Slim has a battery that lasts around three years per charge.

Where to buy a tile tracker?

You can buy a tile tracker from many stores and online retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, or Amazon.

Where are the best tile tracker deals?

The best tile tracker deals are usually found online at Amazon or in-person at Best Buy. And the best time to check for these tile tracker deals is around a major holiday.

What are the best tile tracker accessories?

The Echo devices are the best tile tracker accessories at the moment.

The Echo Show 5 is one of the top tile tracker accessories. If you have the New Tile trackers, there should be an Alexa skill available that can connect with the Tile app.

Will the tile tracker give alerts if an item is out of range?

No. There doesn’t seem to be any type of geofencing alerts if a tile tracker goes out of the range of the Bluetooth device.

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