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Best Beauty Blog Topics – Popular Beauty Niches

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The beauty niche is really an interesting one as this is right at the crossroads between several other big niches.

The beauty niche can veer into the fashion niche, the health niche, and even the self-improvement or self-help niche.

If you want to join the beauty industry, check out the best beauty blog niches that you can start with.

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This is the niche for the general makeup blog. It can be further broken down into several smaller niches. The main idea behind the makeup niche is to look for good products that you can promote.

You can then produce or write helpful articles on the best makeup practices.

Hair Care

If you want to blog about hair care, make sure that you look for other smaller niches so that you can avoid bigger competition. Haircare is the micro-niche of a larger beauty niche so you need to be as creative as you can with your content. Focus on hair care alone. Remember that haircuts and styling and others are a different niche.

Nail Care

The niche might look like a very small micro niche but it definitely got enough interest and traffic to support your full-fledged blog. What makes nail care one of the best beauty blog niches is that this is extremely versatile the moment you get things going. You can expand and grow this into several directions.


The micro-niche of skincare is one that falls into several other bigger niches. Skincare can be a health type of blog or you can have it focused on a beauty blog. It is recommended to have it focus as a beauty blog instead of a health blog since it is easier to rank for it. If you want to focus skincare on the beauty side, it can be something about moisturizers and over the counter skincare type.

Hair Styles

The focus on this niche, as the name suggests, is styling your hair. It is one of the incredibly powerful and popular micro niches for beauty bloggers. This is specifically popular on many social media websites where you could showcase your new hairstyles to subscribers and followers.

Nail Polish and Styling

This is a little niche that you can easily combine with nail care to make it fare better. However, micro-niche is also a good one all by itself. You can share the process on how to create small art pieces on your fingernails.

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Natural Beauty Tricks and Tips

This final beauty niche has taken off for the past few years. There are lots of content and topics that you can write about as society starts to leave behind old tropes and clichés of what was once regarded as beautiful. There are lots of things to unpack and discuss in this micro-niche so you can go ahead and explore it.


These are just some of the best beauty blog niches that you can write about if beauty is your top interest. There are many other beauty blogs to cover these days. This beauty niche is amazingly profitable and undeniably popular.

The best beauty blog niche for you will probably be the area of beauty that you are most passionate about… To get started, you will want to focus on having beautiful pictures, detailed video clips, and a reliable computer.