How to Become a Popular Blogger

How to Become a Popular Blogger Now
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You can become a popular blogger if you try hard.

Being a famous blogger comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations, one of which is the need for people to trust every word and idea that comes from you.

The influence of blogs is far much more significant compared to popular non-informational websites. This is due to the ease with which people understand and relate to personal experiences which is what most blogs are all about. 

Blogging is one profession that brings you into the limelight if you are persistent at it. 

How To Become A Popular Blogger

Blogging and writing are ultimately inseparable. You cannot be a good blogger without mastering the act of credible writing and reporting. The journey to becoming a famous blogger starts with being a reliable writer. And to become a competent writer, you must be consistent and trustworthy, among other things.

Below are some of the things you must do to become a credible writer and ultimately a renowned blogger:

Stay Authentic

Distinguishing “right” from “wrong” can be difficult sometimes. And as humans, we naturally tend to focus more on pleasing ourselves at the expense of others. Bloggers are even more susceptible to falling short of the norm in this regard since we work online and we can’t be seen physically.

It is important to always stand by the right things while being authentic. You do not have to follow the opinions of others blindly. Although it requires a considerable level of determination, a blogger that wants to be successful must be ready to have personal views and opinions and stand by them. 

Feel free to disagree on things, while ensuring that no one gets hurt in the process. Lastly, here is a quick tip, always ensure that all your opinions are backed up by logic.

Every Word Matters

As bloggers, you cannot make physical contacts with your audience. 

Since our words are the only way the audience gets to know us, it is important to ensure that our content is credible. 

Always write meaningfully and engaging content. Social media shouldn’t be seen as a channel just for overcoming boredom, it should be seen as a way of creating strong bonds with your audience. Double check all posts before publishing them, and when you consistently create great quality content, it boosts your credibility and professionalism.

Create Value

Consistency breeds likeness and friendliness. When you are consistent about the things you believe in, your audience tends to appreciate your realness and drifts closer to you. You can become friendly by offering great content for free such as ebooks. People naturally respect “givers” more than the greedy. So giving value freely and willingly will make people respect you and give you support.

Another step towards becoming a credible popular blogger is having the mindset of giving back to the community.

Don’t Stress About Money

Most bloggers believe that the most significant gain blogging can offer is money. While this is to some extent correct, seeing money as the only gain tends to prevent us from growing or progressing. Instead, focus on creating a quality blog, and while there will be avenues to make money in the process, you should prioritize building a community of loyal audience over making profits.

Be ready to overlook the money making opportunities that will end up hurting your audience. Always prioritize top quality content and avoid filling your pages with dozens of ads.


And finally, the importance of confidence cannot be overemphasized. Most popular bloggers have a healthy amount of confidence and credibility. You must be confident whenever you create content and never allow fear to take over.

Hope this quick read helps you become a popular blogger.

Good luck!

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