Are Laptop Warranties Worth It?

Are Laptop Warranties Worth It?
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Are laptop warranties worth it? Yes, laptop warranties are worth it. In our opinion, laptop warranties are always worth it. Mainly because laptop hardware issues happen randomly and you want to be protected.

You depend on your laptop for a lot, both work-related and home needs. You want to ensure your laptop is covered in the event of a major failure or breakdown.

Laptop Warranties

You don’t need an extended warranty for every gadget you buy, but it is a good idea to get a warranty for something expensive like a laptop.

Here is how to decide if you should spring for a warranty or trust in your savings account.

Can you afford to get a new laptop?

Usually, you are offered a laptop warranty or extended electronics protection plan when you are at the register, about to pay for anything over considered a big purchase. Stores provide extended protection on laptops because it is a big profit driver for them, and oddly many customers will never even bother to send their laptop in for repairs.

For most things, you do not want to spend the extra cash to get warranty coverage. The rule of thumb is if you can afford to buy a replacement, you do not need warranty coverage.

But if the item is a costly one that you cannot afford to easily change, you should mitigate your risk by buying some type of warranty coverage.

How important is your laptop?

Are you buying your laptop for occasional website browsing, light gaming, or social media posting? Or do you plan to depend on it every day for school or work?

The more important your laptop is, the more you need laptop warranty coverage. The last thing you need is a hardware failure that keeps you from finishing something important.

If you are in a position where a laptop hardware failure or laptop damages can set you back, you definitely need a laptop warranty.

How old is your laptop?

Obviously, the older your laptop, the more prone it is to normal wear and tear and other failures. If your laptop is older, the laptop warranty you bought may have expired, and you may not have the opportunity to renew it.

If you have any worries about your current laptop that’s old, you may want to just get a replacement with a warranty.

How are claims handled?

Laptop warranties usually contain detailed instructions about reporting and processing warranty claims. For example, you may need extensive documentation to get claims processed, including purchase receipts and service records.

Some warranties may have only cover certain types of repairs, offer refurbished replacements, or will pay out an adjusted reimbursement.

And if you have to send in your laptop, you may have to wait weeks before you are reimbursed or your laptop is repaired.

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